3 Simple Ways to Improve Your HVAC Service

As a business owner, it’s essential to look for ways to improve your HVAC service continuously. Even if you’re happy with the way things are operating, there are always opportunities to improve. Looking for ways to make your business more efficient or cost-effective will have a long-lasting impact on your bottom line. And let’s not forget your competitors. They’re improving their services too, and even if you think you have them beat today, tomorrow could be a different story. 

Here are three simple ways you can improve the HVAC service you offer to your customers: 

1 – Document and Standardize

There’s a reason that chain restaurants and brand-name hotels are popular; it’s consistency! There’s something comforting about knowing you’ll have a near-identical experience every time you visit a McDonald’s. 

From an HVAC business perspective, documenting your procedures may seem like a simple administrative task. This is especially true if you’re the sole employee of your business. But consistency can be beneficial no matter how many employees you have and whether the process is internal or customer-facing.

A standardized process doesn’t have to be overly formal. It can just be a simple checklist. For example, write down a detailed list of every task you perform during a simple tune-up. If you use this list for every tune-up you do, you reap multiple benefits. First, you can be confident that you always complete that exact list of tasks, never forgetting a step. Second, this list becomes a physical record of the service performed which you can keep with your customer file. Third, a documented procedure makes your business scalable. It’s suddenly straightforward to train a new tech on the team when you already have your procedures laid out. 

2 – Service with a Smile

Undoubtedly, our work is hard work. Installing, fixing, and maintaining HVAC systems is laborious. Throughout the day, it’s easy to let your weariness get the best of you and let basic customer service slip. Make it a point to prioritize the small gestures that go a long way. 

Here are some ideas to consider: 

  • When you first arrive at the job, always smile, and make eye contact. 

  • Introduce yourself by name and by company. 

  • Use the customer’s name in conversation. 

  • Remember your manners – utilize ‘please,’ ‘thank you,’ and ‘excuse me’ in conversation.

  • Validate customer’s concerns. For example, if a customer states the system is making a noise, simply re-state back, “I can understand how strange noises might be concerning!”

Seem simple? Perhaps. But can you confidently say you smile and make eye contact every single job? If not, try making it a goal for the day. Simple politeness goes a long way in the home service industry, and it’s what keeps customers coming back. 

3 – Follow Up

One of the simplest tasks that’s often skipped is following up with a customer after the service. On busy weeks, speeding from job to job can be the norm. It’s easy to just knock a project out and move on to the next one, never giving that project a second thought. 

But, the happiness of each customer is essential to the livelihood of your business. In fact, time spent nurturing relationships with existing customers is a far better investment than spending time seeking new business. That’s because most of your future sales will come from existing customers. 

So don’t leave customers hanging. Take a few minutes each Friday to call all the customers you visited that week and check-in. Make sure their HVAC is running smoothly since your visit. Sure, this could result in a callback that you may not have otherwise had. But this ensures complete customer satisfaction – something most HVAC businesses guarantee. Plus, it lets your customers know you genuinely care about their experience.

Always be on the lookout to improve your HVAC service 

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