Surprise Homeowners with Remarkably Great Service

Want your business to be successful? Try delighting homeowners with great customer service. When your customers are happy, there’s a domino effect of positivity. Besides locking in repeat business, those customers are more likely to refer you to friends and neighbors. Or even the holy grail: leaving an unprompted 5-star review of your service. 

Not convinced? Recent research reveals that customers will pay more for exceptional customer service. Millennials will spend up to 21% more for a business that provides great customer service. 

And, it’s not enough for business owners and the office staff to treat homeowners kindly. It’s essential to train your technicians in customer service, too. After all, they are the ones that are face-to-face with paying customers. 

Here are three ways to drastically improve your service: 

Make Yourself Available

When air conditioning or heating breaks, the homeowner wants it fixed immediately. No one wants to leave a message or wait days for repair. Eliminate new customer wait times or at the very least, actively manage them. 

Here’s a thought: try not to let a single call go to voicemail.  That starts any interaction with a new customer off on the right foot. When it comes time for service, look for tools that provide as close to real-time ETAs as to when a technician will arrive. Want to truly delight customers? Consider offering online scheduling, where they can see a list of available times for visits. 

Organized and Clean

Evaluate the entire experience for a homeowner from start to finish. Is your website easy to find? Does your tech arrive in uniform? Is there any follow up from your business? You might offer the highest-quality HVAC service in the area, but the crumpled papers, ratty t-shirt, and dirty truck can come across as disorganized. There’s room for improvement everywhere in your business. But don’t try tackling them all at once. Choose one or two things to work on in a month. 

Try asking a trusted friend – someone unaffiliated with your business – to schedule a tune-up service.  Give your friend a list of three things you’d like their opinion on. For example, how long did it take to schedule an appointment? Was that acceptable to them? Or, did the technician arrive at the time stated? This type of anecdotal feedback from an outsider can be invaluable in improving the customer experience. 

Follow Up After Service

Have you ever had a manager visit your table at a restaurant, just to check in? It gives customers a chance to offer praise or express discontent. This simple act of service is a great way to make the customer feel taken care of. More importantly, it ensures that any problems are taken care of promptly. 

Your interaction with a customer doesn’t have to end when your technician leaves a home. A simple text message survey will give you a pulse on how your team is performing. But if you’re looking to go the extra mile, consider personally calling customers a day or two after a visit to see how their unit is performing. It only takes a few minutes, and the effect is huge. 


Satisfied customers are great. But when you provide remarkably great service, you can turn homeowners from content customers into brand advocates for your HVAC business. Going above and beyond means happy customers: your best asset.

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